Mahindra Log Hitch

3-point log hitch with 7/16″ shackle and 3/8″ grab hook for Mahindra tractors.



Are you looking for a log hitch for your Mahindra Max Tractor? Our Earth and Turf Log Hitch is designed to increase versatility. The lift frame unit attaches directly to Category I 3-Point Hitches.

There are two log-hitch models, one for tractors under 30 hp and a heavier-duty version for larger tractors. Both come with a 7/16-inch shackle, a 3/8-inch grab hook, and a standard receiver drawbar to permit easy towing of trailers.

Heavy logging equipment could cause permanent damage to the delicate ecological systems of natural woodland. Now, you can harvest logs gently and efficiently with a three-point tractor with minimal disturbance to the environment. The safe, inexpensive log hitches from Earth & Turf provide a high-carry skid for clean logs and reduced damage to wood lots.

A front loader or front weights are required on the tractor for operation, and operators must not exceed the tractor manufacturer’s rated operating load capacity.

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