Hybrid Grapple™

Our Hybrid Grapple™ makes work easy & matches the bucket floor of a standard compact tractor bucket. Available in 48″, 54″, and 60″.

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Our grapples are designed with the operating load capacity of sub-compact tractors in mind. The floor of the Hybrid Grapple™ is 15″ – 16″ long, matching the bucket floor of a standard sub-compact tractor. Manufacturers design each loader bucket to work with each tractor’s capabilities, while the Hybrid Grapple™ works as the best choice for all-around use across all sub-compact tractors!

Available in 3 sizes: 48″, 54″, and 60″.

Quick attach options include Universal, Yanmar, JD and more and all come standard with hoses and pioneer quick couplers.    Note: A third function valve is required to operate the grapple.

What makes our Hybrid Grapple™ so useful for compact tractors?

The typical Root Grapple‘s rear tines terminate on a slight curve upon reaching the ground, while its top is flat, limiting the amount of material it can hold due to the short curved floor. This becomes even more of an issue when holding logs.

The floor of the typical Long Floor Grapple can be 33″, and a front-heavy load will shift the tractor’s center of gravity forward, increasing the chance of a tipping situation.

That’s why our Hybrid Grapple™ is unique – it allows for a variety of grapple operations while matching the bucket floor of a standard compact tractor’s bucket!

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