About Earth & Turf Attachments

John Bentley grew up in an equipment dealership, went on to become a product manager for a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment, then decided to found his own attachments marketing company.

In 1997, his company branched out into another area of John’s interests, turf equipment. This branch is known as Earth & Turf Products, LLC. More recently, Earth & Turf itself has further moved out into the field of attachments, calling upon the long-time experience of the company from its roots, as well as that of John himself.

John started Earth & Turf Attachments for a single purpose – to develop and build specialized attachments and accessories that respond to specific needs not being met by major compact tractor manufacturers.

You are the focus of the products we develop. You are the customers who purchase compact tractors and want them to run at their maximum capacity. You also want them protected from complications that can occur because they do not have proper guards or covers.

We want to make sure that we are maximizing the functionality of your tractor. That’s why our attachments are designed to function properly with the working capabilities of each tractor model. Our accessories are designed to improve serviceability while extending the service life of your tractor. In short, we build products that make your tractor better.

Everything we build is proudly made in America – more specifically in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an area well known for its excellent work ethic and quality workmanship.

Our Mission:

Earth & Turf Attachments LLC wants to put God first by providing a Christian work environment. The way we function will be reflected in how we develop our products, handle money, and treat people. Our products will maintain a simple design philosophy and be affordable while still maintaining an acceptable level of profit.

Our Vision:

Our attachments line will target the compact tractor market. We will build unique products that fill niche needs that are generally not covered by the main-line manufacturers. We will look for unfilled needs to draw customers and dealers to our company. Our products will be simple and well-built.