How do Wheel Spacers Help Sub Compact Tractors

kubota 499 How do Wheel Spacers Help Sub Compact Tractors 1

Many of the Subcompact Tractors tend need more stability and wheel spacers are one of the tools you can use to gain some stability. The two inch wheel spacers manufactured by Earth & Turf Attachments will increase the overall width of the tractor by a total of 4 inches. This four inches can be very important if you are operating on hills. One note of tremendous importance. You should not operate your tractor on any unsafe hillside even with wheel spacers to avoid injury. The amount of slope you can operate on should be stated in your operators manual. When working on hill sides with a reasonable slope always work up and down the hill never across the hill.
Our objective is to do our best in improving the capabilities of your Sub Compact tractor but our concern is always for your safety.
Check out our 2″ wheel spacer kit and enjoy your day.

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