By: John Bentley On: August 16, 2023 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0


Snow is coming to the eastern US this year according to several sources. The one that has done the best over the years is the Farmer’s Almanac which is very scientific. The last couple of years were fairly light in the east when it comes to snowfall. This year is the first year of the El Nino which is the beginning of a wetter period. When you add to that the predictions of a colder than normal time in the east it sounds like Snow is coming and possible some bad storms. The rest of the US will be similar to last year which did bring a good amount of snow to the upper mid-west and northwest.

So, get ready for a snowy east coast year.
Here are some tips for plowing snow. Never wait for the snow to finish before plowing or you may be snowed in. Every 4-5 inches go out and plow so you can keep moving the snow back. Look for a plow that will easily plow under your mailbox. If you are using a plow attached to your loader, try to push the snow a couple of feet off the driveway especially if it sounds like the storm could dump a foot or two on your property.
One other tip is to make a snow pocket to the left of your drive where the Highway snowplow could push a bunch of snow in your driveway. |How does this work? Just past your mailbox simple push the snow into the grass about three feet back and about 30 foot long. Now when the road plow comes through the big load of snow it is carrying will have a place to clean out before it hits your driveway saving you extra work.
Winter can be a lot of fun and many of the people I talk to enjoy plowing snow but remember to be careful, watch the traffic and always be aware of your surroundings when operating any type of equipment.
Now go out and enjoy your life and have fun in the snow.