Yanmar Clamp-On Forks

Are you looking for Clamp on forks for your Yanmar YL110 or YL210 loader? Earth & Turf Products, LLC offers a line of high-quality, clamp-on bucket forks. Available in five weight capacity categories, 1,000 Lbs., 2,000 Lbs., 3,000 Lbs., 4,000 Lbs., and 6,000 Lbs. Earth & Turf Clamp-on Bucket Forks fit a wide variety of machine and bucket sizes. Capacity ratings have a generous, three-to-one safety factor. Forks with 4,000 Lb. and 6,000 ratings have wide openings, to fit the thick cutting edges of larger, heavier buckets.

These clamp-on bucket forks give any loader additional versatility. The design of the forks makes them especially easy to install and to remove. No bucket alterations are necessary and they will not damage buckets, if properly installed.

Three design features of E & T clamp-on forks make them exceptionally good value packages. The main upright is capped to keep out rain water. An extra-wide handle makes them easier to carry.

The finish on all E & T forks is extremely durable powder coating for long, attractive life.