When you see what the Carry Cat can do it sells.

One of our dealers has a Carry Cat tool carrier in their show room loaded with all the tools, he also sells, and it is a tremendous eye catcher. He has sold several units because of his display showing what you can do with the Carry Cat. We designed the unit because customers were always telling us they have no place to carry anything on their compact tractors without it falling off and getting destroyed so we went to work and after three prototypes we came up with the absolute best three-point hitch tool carrier on the market. We didn’t stop there because we wanted our users to get all the possible utility they could out of the unit for the money they paid so we add a receiver hitch tube so a receiver drawbar could be installed and they could now pull a trailer. What the heck if I got a place to carry my chain saw, fuel can, oil, axe and tool box now I can pull a trailer to the woods and cut fire wood. Now when I come back from the woods I have a huge amount of wood for my fireplace or woodstove and I can detach the trailer right near my wood splitter and wood rack. I can now pull my tractor around to my barn or garage and detach the Carry Cat and because we designed it with feet it will free stand with all my tools on it so now I have a great tool organizer for all my special tools and I know right where they are when I need them next. Amazing! The customers say to the dealer why would I just buy a receiver hitch when for twice the price I can do so much more and have a great tool storage system.

You wanted easy, simple and functional well now you have it. The Carry Cat by Earth & Turf Attachments, LLC.

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